The only ingredients in our butters are Cashews and a little bit of salt, nothing else. We slowly dry roast the nuts to enhance the flavour of our butters and the oil comes out of the nuts so they are totally natural.  
Use as a peanut butter but more decadent.  Very nutritious. Lovely with celery sticks or just on toast or crackers.


360gm nett weight


Nutritional Information


Ingredients: Almonds, Salt


                                      Per 25g serve    Per 100g

Energy                            24 kj                   2500 kj

Protein                            4.80g                   19.4g

Fat, total                         13.6g                    54.4g

- Fat, Saturated                0.9g                    3.7g

Carbohydrate, total         1.2g                    4.8g

- Carbohydrate, sugars    1.2g                   4.8g

Sodium                            49mg                195mg

Yummy Cashew Butter